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Chemicals and Polymeric resins

Our aim here is to leverage our experience and knowledge accross various key Industry sectors and exploit both product and application synergies, by offering complimentary, value added Chemicals into the current Markets that we serve. Through our extensive Global Network with our Associate Partners, we are able to source and supply the following Chemical  and Mineral related products:

Chemical products:

    • Enzyme products (food/animal feed/seafood/dairy/biofuel/biomass/biocatalysis/effluent treatment/beer and malting products/wine/cheese/hygiene portfolios). see Supplier link for ADVANCED ENZYMES http://www.advancedenzymes.com/
    • Sodium Sulphite (industrial and food grades).
    • Sodium Metabisulphite (industrial and food grades).
    • Potassium Metabisulphite
    • Precipitated Silicas (industrial and food grades)
    • Sodium Alumino silicate
    • Titanium Dioxide rutile grade
    • Caustic soda flake and prill & micro-prill (AKZO NOBEL)
    • Activated Carbon
    • Glycerine (glycerol 99.8% min)
    • Zero-VOC Coalescing Solvent (Coatings, adhesives)
    • Bio-Succinic Acid (Polyester, plasticisers)
    • Copper Sulphate
    • Silicone (CALSIL http://www.calsilsilicones.com/)
    • Paraformaldehyde
    • Hexamethylenetetramine
    • Metal Carboxylates
    • Active Zinc Oxides
    • Fatty alcohol ethoxylates
    • Bio based polyols, lubricants and Green Polymer additives
    • Phase change materials (PCM's)
    • Glycols(MEG, DEG, PEG, PGI
    • Sulphur derivatives (The specific products concerned are Carbon Disulfide, Sodium Hydrogensulfide (NaSH) and Sodium/Ammonium/Potassium thiocyanates. These are manufactured and marketed by the Sulfur Products line of the sBU Sulfur Derivatives, part of the Ethylene and Sulfur Derivatives Business Unit of AkzoNobel.

 Polymeric resins

  • Functional Polymers (maleic anhydride grafted Polymers -ethylene, propylene and Polyester based) from PLUSS Polymers India for impact modification, coupling agents, compatibilisers, functionalised adhesive resins and tie layer resins, chain extenders, MFI restoration and rheology modification additives. http://www.pluss.co.in/
  • Biodegradable Polymers (PLA) - FKUR Gmbh for both rigid and flexible packaching and non-packaging Polymeric products - hygiene backing film, agricultural films and general packaging applications. http://www.fkur.com/
  • Polyamide barrier resins - Active and Passive Oxygen scavening Polyamides for rigid PET Packaging. http://www.honeywell-pmt.com/sm/aegis/index.html
  • Polyamide 6, 66, filled and non-filled HFFR grades and hydrolysis resistent Polyamides.
  • Polycarbonates injection grades (pre-coloured Compounds available)
  • Polybutylene terepthalates (PBT)
  • Polyethylene terepthalates (PET)


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