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Service offering

Our service offering primarily is to leverage and transfer our Global technology base from our key Principal Suppliers wherever feasable, and to exploit business growth opportunities in the African sub continent. We are also able to facilitate full supply chain ownership and offer a local and regional logistical infrastructure. Our key strength fundamentally is to procure a broad range of Industrial  Chemicals, Alumina and Engineered Aluminium products, thus offering a synergistic basket of various industrial raw material and feedstock products to all our Customers as an essential collective solutions offering.

Our people in particular are industry focused and therefore able to focus and specific Customer needs resolution, backed by critical support offered by our Global principal partners. We are able to offer up to date, sound market intelligence that can leverage on the essential drivers of key sectors respectively in local and global regions. We welcome and support consultative dialogue between Key Customers and Principal Suppliers. This ensures that the process of providing the right product for the right application is maintained and executed with a proper due diligence framework right from the outset. If anything, we are the extended Marketing and Sales arm of our key Principals.

Our main areas of activity are in the following industry and industry sectors:

  • Mining and industrial
  • Automotive, Industrial Transport and Marine
  • Chemicals process and performance (Food and industrial segments)
  • Plastics, Rubber, Paints and Coatings
  • Construction and Architectural
  • Water treatment - industrial and potable
  • Glass and high performance Ceramic products
  • Renewable energy - thermal Solar technology
  • Armour protection solutions

image002Gerber Goldschmidt Group (SA) (Pty) Ltd is a multi-faceted trade, trade finance and investment company head quartered in Johannesburg. Traditional trade and trade finance activities are today conducted via highly specialised business units covering a broad spectrum of products and services.

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